October 1, 2020

Life is a Battle

Life – is a BATTLE – FOR YOUR SOUL – and where you will spend eternity.  Our choice determines our destination.

We at the Lighthouse Christian Resource Center here in Chehalis see this battle played out every day.  Just last week, we saw the battle end for one of our patrons.  Gene was a homeless, 67-year-old man that had been coming in to our rescue mission for some time.

He was found in his tent out where some of the homeless congregate in the woods, a victim of a major heart attack.  He had no known relatives.

One of our Christian day volunteers had talked with Gene and he said that he believed in Jesus.  We do not know if he received Christ as Lord and Savior of his life before he passed on into eternity.

Our main purpose here in the Lewis County Gospel Mission Lighthouse is to help our patrons make an intelligent decision on where they will spend eternity by teaching about our Creator and loving God and His plan for their lives.

—Bob Chittenden