October 24, 2017


Lewis County Gospel MissionWhat does Lewis County Gospel Mission offer?

Jail Ministry

  • Chaplaincy services
  • Sunday Church services
  • One-on-one Bible Teaching
  • Bible distribution to Inmates
  • After release assistance back into normal productive lifestyle

Special Needs for our Jail Ministry . . .

Our jail ministry needs NIV or NAS soft cover Bibles (large print) as well as inexpensive reading glasses.

It is exciting when our jail ministry teams report back that the inmates at the jail are requesting Bibles and taking what they’re learning and sharing it with others in their cells.  This thirst for God’s Word has resulted in a need for additional Bibles.

The volunteers also advise that many inmates have poor vision and would benefit from having generic reading glasses available.

Food Ministry

  • Emergency food bags
  • Onsite hot food, coffee, water

Daily Living Ministry

  • Personal care items
  • Hair cutter vouchers
  • Bedding

Clothing Ministry

  • Men’s & women’s clothing
  • Shoes and boots
  • Outer and underwear

Emergency Transportation

  • Bus and train tickets

Lewis County Gospel Mission . . .
Serving God’s love to the homeless and needy of Lewis County.