October 23, 2020

Jail Testimony

At one of the jail ministry services, an inmate asked if he could share the following testimony:

It is my belief that I have been forgiven by God through his only begotten son, totally and completely. I’ve come to realize the significance of that.

Now I can begin to heal.  If God can forgive me, then I need to follow his example and forgive myself and others.  This I believe is God’s purpose for me right now.  The next step in my life of reckage(sic).  So I can at last learn to live my life free of the burden of guilt, fear and pent up anger towards others’ trespasses.  I believe this is God’s will for me.  I also believe that I would not have realized this had I not been sentenced to this time in jail.

David S.

What a blessing to see the fruit of growth in new and reconnected believers!