October 23, 2020

Choices & Consequences

Life is all about our choices and the results of those choices or the consequences of those choices.

If we want good consequences, we have to make good choices. When we make bad choices, we get bad consequences. When we experience bad consequences, we experience unhappiness, misery, pain and poor health.

When we experience poor health, it is a result of choosing to follow a poor diet, eating too much, not exercising, and a choice of smoking which we all know ruins our health.

When we follow our creator and his instructions, we find joy, happiness, healing, true love, companionship, freedom, peace that passes all understanding.

When we follow the “deceiver”, the devil (Satan), who has been given the temporary rule of our world, we see what his world is like and the results (consequences) of following his lies.  Those results of following him are again unhappiness, misery disappointment, pain, poor health, bad relationships and bitterness.

Which are you experiencing?

Are you ready to follow God?

—Bob Chittenden